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GU10 Down Light 6w

6W LED GU10 down light that replaces a 50W 230v , halogen light
6w 230v LED GU10 Downlighter that replaces a 50W Halogen
Product Codes
Power (watts)
Operating voltage
Lamp cap
Expected Life (hours)
Light output (lumens)
345 (cw) / 334 (ww)
Colour temperature
6000k Cool White
2900k Warm White
Colour rendering index
Beam angle (degrees)
Dimmer Compatible
                : Incandescent
Replaces  : Halogen
50 w
                : CFL
This is a high quality LED GU10 down light that replaces a 230v , halogen light and uses up to 9 times less electricity than it's retrofit alternative.
The warm white option of this bulb closely replicates the light of a 50w halogen whereas the cool white more closely resembles natural daylight. This is an excellent downlight for ceilings up to 3m high.
This bulb uses three high power Bridgelux LED chips and a lens diffuser to give a very even light spread throughout it's 60 degree beam angle.
The life expectancy of this globe is 50000 hours with a calculated light degradation of less than 15% over this period.

Recommended Retail Price: R 114.00
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