T8 Tube Lights – Silver Edition (Glass)
230v T8 Tube Lights 2' - 5' (Fluorescent Tube Replacement) Cool White
T5 Tube Lights – Silver Edition (Glass)
230v T5 Tube Lights 2ft and 4ft (Fluorescent Fixture Replacement) Neutral White
T5 Integrated Tube Lights – Silver edition
230v T5 Integrated Tube Lights 1ft - 4ft (Fluorescent Fixture Replacement)
Street Lights 15w -25w
LED street light that replaces a 230v incandencent, halogen mercury or sodium vapour bulb
Splash proof 12v LED Strip Light
12v 10mm Splash proof Polyurethane Coated Strip Light 6-12w p/m
Solar Walkway and Stair Lights
Solar Stair or Step Light 0.2w Cool White
Slimline Recessed Round Panels – Silver Range
Recessed Round Panel Lights that replace down lights, PL Lights and other ceiling lights.
PL Corn 9w-16w
E27, G23/G24 PL Corn Light Clear / Milky Neutral White 9-16w