230v Slash proof PVC Sleeve Rope Light

12v Dimmable LED flexible strip light that is incased in a waterproof silicone sleeve
PVC Sleeve 230v Rope Light 10w p/m Single or Multi-Colour
Product Codes
Power (watts)
RL5050-60-1F230 = 10w
RL5050-60-1F230rgb = 10w
Operating voltage
Lamp cap
Expected Life (hours)
Light output (lumens)
RL5050-60-1F230 = 250 Lm
RL5050-60-1F230rgb = 200 Lm
Colour temperature
Cool and Warm White
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
Multi-Colour Changing
Colour rendering index
Beam angle (degrees)
Dimmer Compatible
This high quality Slash proof Rope Light that replaces conventional fluorescent tubes and other longitudinal light sources up to 100m continuous length comes with a 1 year warranty.
it can be affixed to most surfaces using rope light clips and extended using strip joiners. This strip is ideal for interior and exterior applications, where lengths of multiples of one meter are acceptable.
These strips use 60 or more SMD 5050 Epistar LED chips per meter to give a very even light spread throughout their 120 beam angle.
this wide angle makes it ideal for broad coverage decorative lighting.
These rope lights require a driver (RL5050-230PWR) when converting from a 110v or 230v power supply.
These drivers are reasonably small and can be hidden easier than 12v transformers.
They are great for illuminating under long counters, skirting's, ceiling cornices, eaves and pillars.
These are not dimmable unless specifically modified to be so.
Please advise staff if this is required.
Multi-Colour rope Lights are available with a remote control for changing colours automatically or manually.
The Life expectancy of this globe is 25000 Hours and is CE and RoHS compliant.

Recommended Retail Price: R 86.00 - R 137.00 Per/Meter
Registered Dealer Discounts Apply.

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