MR16 & GU10 Down Light Fitting

MR16 & GU10 Downlight Fitting Plastic Swivel Gloss White
MR16 & GU10 Downlight Fitting Plastic Swivel Gloss White
 Lamp Compatibility  MR16 & GU10
Product Codes
Operating Temperature
-10°C to 70°C
Colour Option
Gloss White
Swivel Angle 
> -45° to > +45°
Beam Angle
1° to 120°
Lamp Suitability 
LED and CFL only
                : Recess Ring
Includes : Spring Clip
                : MR16 End Cap
Dimensions (w x b x l) wt.
90 x 90 x 28mm (46g)
This 90° swivelling GU10 and MR16 downlight fitting is made from a high heat resistant and impact proof HIPS material.
The Gloss White option of this Downlight Fitting matches perfectly with most white ceilings and the Gloss White can easily be painted to match other desired colour schemes too.
These come in a single hanging vacuum pack or in a contractors box of 14 for reduced pricing.
This fitting is VERY versatile and can accommodate a GU10 or MR16 LED of any length and any beam angle. It has the ability to control the beam angle from 38° to 120° using a 120° COB LED downlight.
By changing mounting positions you can completely eliminate glare from wide beam angle lights.
The life expectancy of this fitting is 50000 hours and is NRCS & RoHS compliant.
The swivel action can change the direction of light of a standard length globe by 90° allowing this to be very suitable for pinpointing light sources exactly where desired without having to use an external ceiling fitting.
The swivel is stiff and the included spring clip keeps the globe in position even when angled steeply.
The base material is non conductive and hence no earth wire is required on the fitting.
The cut-out diameter is compatible with standard downlight fittings and has a large tolerance of 70 - 85mm.

Recommended Retail Price: R 38.63 ex vat each
Registered Dealer Discounts Apply.

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