High and Low Bay Lights

High / Low Bay Lights 100-200w Meanwell Drivers
 High / Low Bay Lights 100-200w Meanwell Drivers
Product Codes
Power (watts)
HBYm-100w1cw = 100w
HBYm-150w135cw = 150w
HBYm-200w1cw = 200w
Operating voltage
Lamp Type
Complete Luminaire
Expected Life (hours)
Light output (lumens)
HBYm-100w1cw = 8500
HBYm-135w1cw = 18000
HBYm-200w1cw =18000
Colour temperature
6000k Neutral White
Colour rendering index
Beam angle (degrees)
60 - 120
These high quality LED Bay Lights that replace 85-265v conventional Bay Lights and which use up to 3
times less electricity than their retrofit alternatives, come with a minimum of 2 year warranty.
The HBYm-150w135cw option of this Bay closely replicates the light of a 500w Sodium or Mercury Vapour
whereas the HBYm-200w1cw easily replicates a 400W Metal Halide.
These Luminaires use SMD Bridgelux LED chips and a transparent glass lens to give a very even light
spread throughout their 60° beam angle. The aluminium dome reflector limits light spill beyond 120°
These Bay Lights can be ordered as Low or High Bays with beam angles of 60° or 120°. They have no
dangerous components (like glass shards) that can drop into processing plants or foodstuff.
Replacing components like drivers, fans and chips are DIY capable, although these Bays' lifespan is
relatively long and the repair labour cost may justify replacement after their expected life.
The life expectancy of these Bay Lights are 50000 hours and they are CE & RoHS compliant.

Recommended Retail Price: R 5 628.00 - R 10 446.00
Registered Dealer Discounts Apply

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