T8 Tube Lights – Silver Edition (Glass)

230v T8 Tube Lights 2' - 5' (Fluorescent Tube Replacement) Cool White
230v T8 Tube Lights 2' - 5' (Fluorescent Tube Replacement) Cool White
Product Codes
Power (watts)
 T82-9w42cw = 9w
T84s-18w88cw = 19w
T85s-22w120cw = 22w
Operating voltage
Lamp cap
Expected Life (hours)
Light output (lumens)
Colour temperature
6000k  Cool White
Colour rendering index
Beam angle (degrees)
Dimmer Compatible
 This value for money LED Glass Tube Light that's replaces a 175-265v Fluorescent Glass Tube and which uses up to 3 times less electricity than it's retrofit alternative, comes with a 2 year warranty.
The T84s-18w88cw option of this Glass Tube closely replicates the light of a 50w Fluorescent whereas the
T85s-22w120cw replicates a 65w fluorescent.
These Tubes use >70 CRI SMD 2835 LED chips and a translucent GLASS Lens to give a very even light spread throughout their 204 beam angle.
The Tubes are frosted white with no LED chips visible.
These Tubes can be powered from one side only (SABS), OR retrofitted in conventional ballast fittings with no rewiring required. Unique safety electronics prevent short circuit if powered from the incorrect end.
Removing the ballast is not necessary but it will reduce electricity consumption.
A specific LED fuse is available and recommended for both installation options. SABS refit required safety stickers are included.
the Life expectancy of these tubes is 30 000 hrs and they are RoHS compliant.
We have CE & EMC compliant tubes but CE does NOT conform to SABS, so please specify your requirements on order.

Recommended Retail price: R 137.00 - R 478.00
Registered Dealer Discounts Apply

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