Why choose ecoLED?

ecoLED is an innovative specialist LED development and distribution company. Using state of the art production and testing equipment, ecoLED designs, develops and produces contemporary looking LED globes from the latest technology components ensuring high quality products at competitive prices. ecoLED offers a wide range of retrofit globes that suit both the elite and price sensitive markets. All products are CE and ROHS certified, and carry from a 1 to 3 year warranty. Products are designed to outlast any other comparative lighting solution, some lasting in excess of 50000 hours. Not only do the globes last longer but due to quality driven design and specifications they are calculated to degrade at a lesser rate than cheap alternatives. ecoLED products are developed with eco friendly principles at heart. They use no more unnatural materials than absolutely necessary to function effectively. They use bio degradable materials for packing and distribution. They use MUCH less electricity to produce equivalent light compared to other lightt sources. Our own effecient LED globes are used in our factory and other facilities that produce and test these globes. Extended product life also means less waste material in the environment. None of the products contain CFCs, mercury or other human or environmentally harmful gasses. So in summary, why should you choose ecoLED lights?

  • Quality of products – we back our products with a no questions asked replacement policy
  • Sustainability and availability – ecoLED already distributes to over 400 dealers throughout South Africa.
  • Contemporary Technology – only the latest technology is used in our products. “Older” components are discontinued and not “pushed” onto unsuspecting customers
  • Transparency – you get what we advertise, no elevated specifications or false claims
  • Safety tested products – CE and ROHS certification, NRCS (LOA), Eskom approval (for applicable products)
  • Guaranteed savings – see our Savings Calculator to see how much YOU will save on using ecoLED globes
  • No questions swap out warranty. If it flickers, fades or dies within it’s warramty period we will swap it for another without a question
  • Our globes have a high Colour Rendering Index meaning that you get good colour rendition and a constant colour from batch to batch.
  • ecoLED’s use high quality control gear that allows our LED chips to perform at their ultimate without compromising longevity. The same control gear is designed to tolerate power fluctuations from 80v-270v without damage to the globes (all 230v models)
  • We use highly effecient coolers, which may not aesthetically please all purists but allow us to generate the most lumen (light output) from the consumed energy (watts) without over-heating the LED modules which causes reduced longevity
  • The LED modules used in most our globes are manufactured in the USA and made to the strictest quality standards. Our “Silver Range” products use Taiwanese LED modules that have been carefully tried and tested to provide excellent results, yet offering our clients a cheaper alternative to the more expensive American modules
  • What you get is thus VERY GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY